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An experienced team, a team that helps you fulfill your dream about the house where you live. We come with the latest materials and equipment to do the job quickly and very well.

crcreformas luxury-kitchen-design-blue-carpentry-palma-mallorca-furniture Our Services

Carpentry & Kitchen Furniture

At CRC, we understand that building your dream kitchen – takes dedication and expertise. We provide a consultation service to determine your specific needs, and can discuss all suitable options, including bespoke kitchen cabinets or upgrading an existing traditional fitted kitchen. We provide expert advice on worktops, finishes, accessories, clever storage solutions and practical layout [...] Read more
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Windows & Doors

CRC Construction & Reforms installs all types of windows for single and multi-family homes, and most commercial buildings. Our process begins with a free consultation and estimate. We want to make this process as seamless and comfortable for our clients as possible. CRC provides interior, exterior and sliding glass doors for multi and single family [...] Read more
crcreformas Pool-modern-house-terrace-mallorca-palma-baleares-minimalist Our Services

Terrace & Pool

Building a terrace can be a labor-intensive project and should only be attempted if you are in excellent physical condition and have had some prior carpentry or landscaping experience. If you are unsure of a project of this degree, it’s best to hire a professional who is skilled in such work like us! Concrete pools are [...] Read more
crcreformas long-shot-man-working-roof-mallorca-palma-techo Our Services

Roofs & Fences

When the basic design and construction plans for the foundation, floor, and walls are complete, the field worker and community members should consider what kind of roof the building should have and how it will be constructed. There are several kinds of roofs. Each can be made of different materials, and each has advantages and [...] Read more
crcreformas tiles-marble-mallorca-palma-baleares-marbles-natural-stone Our Services

Marble & Tiles

Marble is one of the most recognizable materials in the world. Even though it can come in different shades and colors, white marble is still one of those materials that catches anyone’s eye instantly. It glistens under a variety of lighting, and it creates a smooth surface, making it ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, and [...] Read more
crcreformas drywall-plasterboard-work-wall-mallorca-palma-insulation-baleares Our Services

Plasterboard Works

Plasterboard is basically an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper including various additives in the gypsum layer and varying the weight and strength of the lining paper, will give the finished board different properties. Plasterboard is good for cutting down noise transmission particularly airborne sounds such as speech and [...] Read more
crcreformas air-conditioning-frooze-cold-cooler-palma-mallorca-baleares-temperature-conditioner-humidity-quality-instalation Our Services

Heating & Air Conditioning

There are two types of radiant floor heating, electric and water-based systems. Both provide heating in a room from the floor up for consistent, efficient warmth. Warm water systems run hot water through pipes to create heat, whereas electric underfloor heating heats wiring beneath the floor to generate heat. When you have underfloor heating, you [...] Read more
crcreformas Construction-company-worker-falls-height-scaffolding-platform-facade-community-rehabilitation-mallorca Our Services

Facades & Community

We are specialists in renovation, rehabilitation and reform of facades. We carry out painting, plating, repair of forging fronts, renovation and integral rehabilitation of facades in buildings of any dimension. We have our own lifting equipment, and our workers have a great deal of experience in working at height, always with the highest safety and [...] Read more
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Architect & Interior Design

Architects creatively shape our environment by designing the buildings and spaces around us. They bring new structures to life and restore or renovate existing ones. Architects collaborate with others to ensure that designs are fit for purpose and safe, whether they’re working on individual buildings or large developments. Some architects will provide in-house Interior Design. [...] Read more
crcreformas renovation-mallorca-worker-floor-laminated-flooring-boards-parquet Our Services

Remodeling and Renovation

Our interior design company was born from the initiative to offer customers a full range of superior services in terms of quality, to cover all the needs felt when you want to arrange an interior or exterior space.

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crcreformas electrical-technician-working-switchboard-fuses-installation-connection-electrical-equipment-close-up-electricity-mallorca-lights-switch-led Our Services


CRC REFORMA, offers complete electrical installation services. Our team of authorized electricians from Palma, performs minor electrical works and repairs, such as changing or installing sockets, adding additional electrical circuits for various electrical appliances (washing machine, washing machine). air conditioning, etc.), installation of the electrical panel, for the design and execution of interior and exterior electrical installations for homes, commercial and industrial spaces.

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crcreformas Interior-Design-Mallorca-Choose-the-perfect-color Our Services

Home Design and Build

The services are very varied, covering all the needs you encounter when you decide to modify or renovate a certain space. We provide plasterboard, parquet, baseboard, wallpaper, paneling or window sill installation services, as well as customized painting depending on the specifics of the room.

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Painting & Decorations

When you move to a new house or want to renovate, an interior painting service in Palma can save you trouble, hard work and wasted time trying to apply lime or paint as correctly as possible.

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crcreformas plumbing-repair-service-mallorca-24h-instalation-fontaneria-palma Our Services


CRC REFORMA is at your disposal with the best services in the field of constructions, especially for sanitary installations.

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General Contracting

Our interior design company was born from the initiative to offer customers a full range of superior services in terms of quality, to cover all the needs felt when you want to arrange an interior or exterior space.

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