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Facades & Community

We are specialists in renovation, rehabilitation and reform of facades.
We carry out painting, plating, repair of forging fronts, renovation and integral rehabilitation of facades in buildings of any dimension. We have our own lifting equipment, and our workers have a great deal of experience in working at height, always with the highest safety and quality, which allows us to be competitive both in time and price.

We carry out maintenance works, reforms and rehabilitations for communities of neighbors with pathologies in their buildings and houses.
Our great experience in the sector allows us to carry out quality work in a clean and fast way, carrying out total or partial repairs of facades, roofs and waterproofing, we also carry out expert reports and repair of structures, as well as the integral maintenance of buildings: fire detection, plumbing, carpentry work, plastering, electricity, masonry, video entryphone, domestic and industrial gas installations, etc.

Remodel your facade is an important investment but in return it also offers you many advantages:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Improve insulation and energy efficiency
  • Avoid extra costs of maintenance
  • Reduce humidity levels of your house
  • Enhance the beauty of the exterior walls.

Cost of renovation

Use cost calculator to estimate the initial cost of renovation

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