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CRC Construction & Reforms

The Arf of Fine Home Building

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The services we offer are quality services performed by a professional team.

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Design and Build

The services are very varied, covering all the needs you encounter when you decide to modify or renovate a certain space. We provide plasterboard, parquet, baseboard, wallpaper, paneling or window sill installation services, as well as customized painting depending on the specifics of the room.

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Facades & Community

We are specialists in renovation, rehabilitation and reform of facades.
We carry out painting, plating, repair of forging fronts, renovation and integral rehabilitation of facades in buildings of any dimension. We have our own lifting equipment, and our workers have a great deal of experience in working at height, always with the highest safety and quality, which allows us to be competitive both in time and price.
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Remodeling & Renovation

What’s the difference between remodeling and renovation? Aren’t they essentially the same thing? Both remodeling and renovating mean to make improvements on an existing building or home. However, they refer to two slightly different types of construction.
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Los servicios que ofrecemos son servicios de calidad realizados por un equipo profesional.

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CRC Construction y Reforms are passionate about our work and our strength lies in working as a team to engage with our clients and deliver first class customer service and the highest standards of excellence.

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Quality and design with the customer in mind. We pride ourselves on using the best materials, the best building techniques and the best people. This simply provides the owners with the greatest return on their investment.

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We don’t believe that quality has to suffer in order to receive a good price. Quality workmanship at a fair price is what we strive to provide. We have spent years building valuable relationships with loyal suppliers and subcontractors. Thus the volume discounts we receive are reflected in our competitive pricing.

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The services we offer are quality services performed by a professional team.


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